Invisible Bluetooth Earpiece Micro Spy Earpiece

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Was: $199.75
Now: $169.95

Finally released to the public, the Secret Service grade Invisible Headset is the ultimate communications tool for extreme covert communications operations. This is the smallest device of its kind. The micro-sized earbud is smaller than a hearing aid which fits snugly and securely in the ear canal. A small invisible thread allows safe removal after use.

The wireless transmission is completely silent and automatically picked up by the micro-earbud from the transmission necklace. The invisible headset is the worlds smallest device anywhere without the need to take an impression of the ear canal.

The New Spy Micro Bluetooth set is very simple to use. All you have to do is:
- switch on the Bluetooth on your cell phone and the transmitter and connect the two devices;
- put the earpiece inside your ear;
- make or receive a phone call from your partner.

Too tired of all exams and tests? Have not enough time for studying? With the help of this NEW Bluetooth Set you will pass any exam and nobody will have any idea about how you managed to do it with all the studying difficulties!

The spy micro Bluetooth set is a multipurpose gadget that is valid for all cell phones that have Bluetooth. The Bluetooth set consists of a wireless earpiece and a Bluetooth transmitter that looks like a cable-loop.

Natural beige color and small dimensions make spy earpiece absolutely invisible. It has an audio channel filter and an invisible ejection cord that makes removing the earpiece simple.

Package Include:
Bluetooth Transmitter, Spy (9mm) Earpiece, Manual, (5) Batteries,

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* this is inserted into ear, personal surveillance items are non-refundable.