Secret Service Invisible Ear Piece 2-Way Micro Bluetooth Headset

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Was: $279.95
Now: $195.00
Completely Invisible: Micro Covert 2 Way Communications, Smallest Wireless Headset in the World.

Finally released to the public, the Secret Service grade Invisible Headset is the ultimate communications tool for extreme covert communications operations.
This is the smallest device of its kind. The micro-sized earbud is smaller than a hearing aid which fits snugly and securely in the ear canal. A small invisible thread allows safe removal after use.

The wireless transmission is completely silent and automatically picked up by the micro-earbud from the transmission necklace. The invisible headset is the worlds smallest device anywhere without the need to take an impression of the ear canal.

How it Works:
All you need is a cell phone and an assistant to carry a conversation, or just listen to the audio from the earbud which can be wirelessly attached to any cell phone 'or any device with an audio output jack (inductive loop model).
Right before the event, put the micro spy earpiece in your ear and wear the transmitter coil necklace around your neck, under your clothes within a few feet from the micro earbud.
Make a call from your cell phone and a friend or associate should be on the other end of the phone, talking to you with whatever information you need. You will be able to instantly provide dates, names, numbers, instructions, stock quotes or any relevant information from your assistant. You will be a human encyclopedia, without anyone ever knowing how you do it.
Sound Clarity:
The sound clarity offers superior quality for speech applications and is guaranteed to be free of excessive noise suitable enough to listen to music.
Operation Time This depends on constant use and volume considerations. The higher the volume, the more power is used. Standard operations for most applications may provide as much as 4 hours of battery life.
Ideal for: Business negotiations and meetings Get the information from your colleges in real time. Never be stumped for an answer ever again
Security Guard Secretly get and give instructions to your team without giving away your communications line or undercover store security can use to communicate information without revealing their identity.
Live Media Appearances Actors, Magicians, Musicians Have a script read to you, monitor music cues, or get quick answers to crucial questions. Military or personal surveillance requirements where you need the ultimate in listening covertness.

Micro-Receiver Earbud Transmitter Induction Coil Necklace with Microphone Extra Batteries Output power: 105 db Distortion: 5% Operation time in one battery: no less than 24 hours Frequencies: 120-8500 Hz Weight approximately 1 gram Durable Skin Colored acrylic resin

F.A.Q. Can somebody beside me hear the earpiece? No, they can't. When it's inside your ear it cannot be heard from outside. Make sure you adjust the volume on your phone so you can hear it loud and clear.

How Does the Wireless (bluetooth) Earpiece Work?
The wireless earpiece is used the same way as you would use any other hands free or Bluetooth set. For starting secret communication all you need is to put the earpiece inside the ear, connect Bluetooth transmitter to your cell phone and make/receive a phone call from your partner. The earpiece catches the signal from your phone through the transmitter, and you can hear everything that your partner is saying to you.

* We mic pre-test all units prior to shipping, body worn spy gear is non refundable being inserted into ear canal we do not take returns.