Rear View Spy Sunglasses (retro)

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The lenses on these sunglass-style specs have a special reflective coating that allows you to look straight ahead, yet see behind you as if you had a rear view mirror.
When you put them on, look out of the corners of your eyes and you'll see what's going on - and no one will ever know you're watching them.
Have you ever thought you were being followed? there??s no need to look over your shoulder, you won't even need to turn your head to see what's coming up behind you.
Thanks to a mirrored lens coating on the outer edge of each lens, you can see what??s happening behind your back, they work like a rearview mirror so they??re handy for runners and cyclists, too.
High-quality metal frames with UV protection come in a sleek pop-top aluminum case.
If you've travelled internationally or visited/lived in potentially dangerous areas then you know how useful these can be.
See a potential mugger approaching or if someone is following you without them knowing, also used for surveillance.
Great conversation piece, Great gift!