Wireless Video Audio Interceptor Bug Signal Detector

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Was: $809.95
Now: $759.95
Now you can intercept and view any wireless video camera in the neighborhood with a turning of a dial.
This handheld video interceptor intercepts any wireless video system PAL or NTSC.
Intercepts both VIDEO and AUDIO:
Now you can be able to intercept and view any wireless video camera in the neighbourhood.

Just turn on the unit and it starts scanning from 900 to 2525 MHz.
Find out instantly if your home, office, or public restroom is hidden with wireless video.
PAL are system used in Asian and European countries.
NTSC are system used in America and Japan.
This unit will intercepts both formats.

You will be surprise where people hide there wireless video cameras !
You may be surprise what you might find.
Has A/V output to any TV or Recorder
A super powerful tool used by professionals!

Statistics shows that 70% of companies that are bugged by a competitor without being detected goes bankrupt in 24 months or less.

Find out where people are hiding their wireless video cameras !