Motion Detect Video Recorder with Audio CMOS

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NEW Motion Detect Video Audio Infrared Recorder
Automatic Motion Detection triggered Video Recorder
Records in 30 second AVI files with audio
Support for up to 32GB TF/micro SD cards
Auto overwrites oldest video file when out of memory

Simple and easy to use, no software installation or setup required.

Automatic Motion Detection triggered Video Recorder - the best solution for all day video surveillance without having to be physically present.

Aim the Motion Detect Video Recorder at an area and it will record any movements that trigger the high-tech passive infrared (PIR) sensors. Each time motion is detected, the recorder will capture a 640x480 resolution video 30 seconds, which is long enough for some decent footage but short enough to conserve storage space and battery power. The Motion Detect Video Recorder also includes 6 infrared LED lights for accurate night vision up to 6 meters and a microphone for clear audio recording up to 10 meters.

The Motion Detect Video Recorder is easy to use and has plenty of surveillance applications, such as:
Monitoring your babysitter or nanny' s daily work.
Obtain video evidence of people entering and leaving your house.
Monitor drawers and closets to make sure nobody is going through your possessions.
Install in a store or shop to keep an eye on cash registers and warehouse inventory.
Use in the office to keep a detailed log of user actions on important documents or valuables.

Primary Function: Motion Detect Video Recorder with Audio Image Sensor: CMOS
-Resolution: 640x480
-FPS: 15
-Recording Format: AVI
-Recording Duration: 30 seconds
-Recording File Size: ~7MB for a 30 second recording
Audio: YES, effective recording up to 10 meters
Night Vision: YES, 8 LED lights effective up to 6 meters

-Internal: None
-External: Up to 32GB TF/Micro SD Card (not included)
Transfer Interface: Mini USB
Battery: Built-in Lithium Rechargeable Battery
Battery Life: 2-4 hours for continuous recording - Up to 200 hours standby.
Dimensions: 67 x 35 x 24 mm (L x W x D)

Notes from Manufacturer:
Automatic video recorder with audio supports up to 32GB TF micro SD card.
Tripod slot
Plug and Play USB interface
Portable recorder, convenient and easy to use
Built-in Passive Infrared detector:
Once it is activated, the video recorder will start to record 30 seconds of video, followed by a cooldown of 15 seconds. It then returns to standby mode and waits for next activation.

Package Includes:
Motion Detect Video Recorder with Audio
Power Adapter
Universal Travel Adapter
Mini USB Cable
Rubber Base

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