Magnetic Weatherproof GPS Case

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Like the idea of knowing exactly where you are?
If so, you most likely have a GPS unit, the Otter GPS Case (with Magnet Base) is the perfect accessory to any GPS unit.
With the heavy-duty magnet base, you can attach this case to many different metal surfaces! Guaranteed to extend the life of your device, this water-resistant, dustproof and airtight case offers the user peace of mind, by ensuring that your GPS card stays unharmed during the nastiest of conditions.
With a lifetime guarantee, this is an excellent investment to secure the safety of your device.

Waterproof, dustproof, crushproof and airtight protection for GPS units. The Otter GPS Case comes with a magnet base for easy mounting.

External Dimensions: 4.837" x 3.682" x 1.652"
Internal Dimensions: 3.700" x 2.350" x 1.000"