GPS Tracking Unit No Monthly + Free Disable Relay

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Now: $121.00
This small powerful live GPS tracking device on the VERIZON 3G Network is designed specifically for the sub-prime auto industry or self financing auto dealers but are also an invaluable tool for other individuals and businesses with the need to locate in real time on demand, ideal for covert placement in vehicles since the unit is smaller than a credit card!

Our new GPS tracking devices includes 2 years of service absolutely free. NO monthly fees or pay for locates, ever.

Call our GPS experts at 1-888-779-8725 FREE with any questions you have. We make it easy to protect your cars with the power of satellite vehicle tracking.

Our devices utilize the most innovative technology and are always 100% reliable. That's why we guarantee our device for 3-years. Our GPS tracking unit offers features your current device may not offer, such as:

*Tow feature that will alert you if the vehicle has been towed and possibly impounded.
*The device is also smaller than a credit card so it’s easy to install, tiny and covert.
*Our car tracking system can be embedded in a vehicle in as little as 10 minutes.
*Our devices have car shut off/disable, geo fences and speed alerts.
*Easy to use tracking interface, easy disable and alert setups, advanced view mapping.
*Most import, our devices work. That is why we guarantee them with a 3-year warranty.

USER friendly mapping software lets you locate your car through online software. This type of GPS anti theft system is in high demand by car dealers. Don't rely on companies that use out dated technology and require a third party to recover your vehicle, when using tow companies, this unit will alert you when the vehicle is moving without the ignition being on (tow-alert).
You can instantly locate and recover your vehicles in default with our anti theft devices. Also can view & send commands via Smartphone or Tablets.!

BHPH financing is riskier than ever. Maybe one third of your high risk car loan customers are going to have to be chased for payments.
As a dealer, you need tracking system that can ensure you make money even from the riskiest BHPH customers. Install our GPS car locator in every car you lease or sell.
If repossession does become necessary, our unit will help you cut repossession costs by disabling and locating the vehicle in a short amount of time.

Overall, tracking lowers your risk when giving credit, significantly cuts your collection/repossession costs and increases your cash flow. It will help your Buy Here Pay Here business succeed!

Customer service truly available 24/7. we offer in account 24/7 support, technicians actually 'see what your seeing' and work with you on the spot if needed.

*We offer special pricing exclusively for auto dealers. If you own a new or used car dealership, join our exclusive program today.