Wifi Mini Black Box Plug-N-Play WiFi Camcorder

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This Portable Plug-N-Play Wifi Camcorder is our latest black box security camcorder.. Do you need an extra level of protection in your home, office, or children’s area? Are you worried about intruders or need an extra eye for when your away or out of the office? Let this small, multi-activated Mini Black Box give you the additional peace of mind your looking for.

Easy installation in almost any room

The new Mini Black Box is only 3 x 2 x 1 inches, which makes it easy to place or hide anywhere, it's so small and inconspicuous, it can be placed in less noticeable areas and even in other objects, such as boxes with added openings or toys. Owners can place it on tables or bookcases or attach it to the ceiling. Quickly connects to a phone or router, and you are ready to go. Because the device has a battery-operated option, owners are at liberty to place it any place that requires additional monitoring.

View footage remotely from any location

Stay informed of any changes. Get an instant alert when the unit is activated. View live or recorded footage remotely from the comfort of your phone, making it easy to see exactly why you have an alert while you are on the go.

See all of the action clearly

Video footage allows you to see 500 feet away from your device. The video quality is 720P. Get a clear picture of what is happening. Take necessary action immediately.

Record everything you need in real time.

The tiny but powerful Mini Wifi Black Box can record up to 64 hours of video. It uses up to a 64GB micro SD card (not included). You can use a 16GB or 32GB card as well. Use the loop record option to have the unit continuously loop over your oldest video file. Never miss a recording while away or on the go.

Watch it all with a long-life rechargeable battery

The best thing is that the units 3500 mAh 3.7-volt lithium-ion rechargeable battery allows this camcorder to record and stream live for up to 8 hours at one time. It does not require a power outlet. If you prefer to use a power outlet, the unit can be plugged in and will record indefinitely with a 5-volt adapter.

Select preferred activation options

The choice is up to you. Owners have the activation options of motion or sound. Switch it up for your current needs. It is even possible to schedule a recording for a specific date and time. Learn more about each activation option.
Motion Activation: View video only when things are actually happening. If nothing moves, it does not turn on. This option allows you to see who is in the space and what they are doing. As it is connected to your smartphone, you will be instantly notified when it begins to record.
Sound Activation: Hear the conversations that you need while you are away. Get clear audio of individuals, even when they are not in front of the camera. It activates and sends you a notification immediately when it hears audio and stops when it is silent.

Get informed instantly with push notifications

Receive push notifications to your smartphone and view live streaming of the event. Watch live from your phone or record for later viewing. Change location, power option and activation method anytime you want with the your flexible security solution

The unit remotely surveys an owner’s space whenever and however it is needed. Owners are hard-pressed to find a surveillance camera with a remote view that has a long-life battery option.

With the Wifi Mini Black Box, you get:
A view of up to 500 feet away in an open area.
Video quality of 720P.
Instant push notifications to your phone when the device is activated.
Multiple activation options (motion and sound).
Ability to schedule the time of an activation.
A long-life eight-hour rechargeable battery option or continuous power outlet choice.
A built-in hot spot.
Android 4.2.2 and iOS 8.3 and later compatibility.
Cloud surveillance.

Benefit from the powerful capabilities in this unique Wi-Fi black box camera. Get the additional level of security that you need, be alerted of any changes or movement with push notifications while you are away.

Product Summary:
Portable Plug-N-Play WiFi Camcorder is our latest mini black box security camcorder..
Do you need an extra level of protection in your home, office? Get yours today!

Perfect for home, office and vehicle surveillance
Captures faces clearly from across a room (720p HD)
Live-stream video to your phone or tablet
Don't miss anything important (wide-angle lens)
On-the-go convenience (8 hour battery life)
Records video only when objects move (saves to memory)
Captures clear video in low light conditions
Stores 63 hours of HD video (with 64GB memory card)
Get alerts when something happens