PepperBall Launcher Compact

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Slim and powerful, this compact unit is a single shot, reloadable (Reload Kit Sold Separately) PepperBall launcher that can be carried in a pocket, purse, backpack or car. Preloaded ready to shoot, the COMPACT can be deployed quickly and easily. With a launch distance of up to 30 feet it reaches 3X the range of leading personal size pepper sprays.

Similar to our other Pepperball launchers, the COMPACT fires a projectile filled with an exclusive pepper blend irritant. Upon impact, the pepperball bursts to release a potent pepper cloud that will quickly and effectively incapacitate a threat. The projectile does not have to hit attackers to be effective.

Kinetic impact between 7-14 Joules
Launch distance of up to 30 feet
Single shot

Pepperball Compact
1x N2 C02 Cartridge
1x Live round