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Peerless Color Plated handcuffs. Handcuffs and chain are entirely plated with the electrolytic polyurethane process for a durable, rust resistant finish. Peerless colored handcuffs are the highest quality color coated handcuffs available. Used by police and corrections; color plating helps prevent equipment loss and can be used to differentiate threat levels. Colored handcuffs available in blue, orange, pink, red and yellow.

Peerless Handcuff Company manufacturers their whole line of restraints in the U.S. They have been manufacturing handcuffs since the early 1900's and remain a family company committed to supplying high quality police restraints. Peerless offers a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects and you can expect your handcuffs to endure years of duty use. Color plated handcuffs are popular in the correctional environment where units are often segregated according to the security needs of the institution. Two handcuff keys are supplied with each pair.

-Weight: 10 oz.
-Material Finish: Carbon Steel / Electrolytic Polyurethane
-Minimum opening: 51 mm = 2 inches
-Minimum inside perimeter: 150 mm = 5.9 inches
-Maximum inside perimeter: 211 mm = 8.3 inches
-Maximum overall length: 236 mm = 9.3 inches