Mini Black Box Wide Angle 720p HD Intelligent Security Camcorder

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Our New Mini Black Box Compact, Take Anywhere Design for Recording Anytime and Anywhere
Need something to monitor events dozens of feet away? Maybe you’d like a camera housed in a completely indistinguishable form, a bedside clock? There are cameras out there that are perfect for just that, but the Mini Black Box Camcorder isn’t one of them. Made to seamlessly fit into the palm of your hand, this unit is built for mobility and convenience. Regardless of where you are, or what you plan to capture, the small size, enduring battery life, and inconspicuous profile, all lend themselves to convenient, discreet recording on your terms.

Fully Rotatable, 160° Lens That Lets You Record from Any Angle or Vantage Point

One of the features that really sets this unit apart from other camcorders is its wide angled, fully rotatable lens. That the Mini Black Box lens rotates means you don’t have to. You can maintain a steady, unobtrusive hold on the camera, instead of angling your arm or hand in a way, that practically shouts to others, that you are recording them. You can hold or set down the camera nearly anywhere, while still maintaining the best recording angle for your shot. This small, yet incredibly impactful feature, dramatically increases where and when you can inconspicuously record.

Crisp 720p HD Video and Audio Capture, with a Mute Option

Convenience, mobility, and affordability are the units strong suits, it’s capable of capturing footage in clear 720p HD. To conserve battery life, and if the situation doesn’t require detailed footage, you can set the unit to record in 360p. Also, the ability to mute footage is a must have in states or cities that ban audio recordings without the consent of the recorded person/s. Always check local laws regarding surveillance before using your camera to record others.

Boosted Sensor Sensitivity for Detailed Video in Low Light Conditions

One frequently cited complaint leveled against small camcorders is their relatively poor recording ability at night. Addressing that issue head on, the Mini Black Box features a boosted sensor sensitivity of 1.3V/lux-sec geared for clear video capture in the darkest conditions. Whether circumstances call for recording during the day or at night, you can rest assured that this unit will capture clear, identifiable footage.

Trigger Recording via Vibration, Motion, or Voice Detection

The small size dramatically increases the places you can carry and discreetly use it, an assortment of recording triggers means you don’t even need to lay a finger on the unit to operate it. Set the unit down in the vantage point of your choice, adjust the lens to reflect the ideal viewing angle, and set the camera to record when it detects vibration, motion, or voices. The various recording triggers of the Mini Black Box Wide Angle Camera let you employ it in an almost infinite number of situations and circumstances, ensuring you capture the perfect footage, whether you can be around to press the “record” button or not.

Fully Adapted for Use as a Dash Cam, with Auto-Start, Loop Recording, and Timestamp Features

While the Mini Black Box Wide Angle Camera is uniquely suited to in-person recording, it has a number of features that make it ideal for use as a dashboard camera as well. When plugged into a car adaptor, the camera can be set to automatically begin recording as soon as you start your car engine. If your camera’s memory bank is full, loop recording ensures you keep recording, seamlessly overwriting old footage to make space for the new. While time stamping can come in handy with any footage you take, it is absolutely necessary on the road, where it can serve as indisputable evidence in dealings with law enforcement or insurance companies.

10 Hour Battery Life - Stress About the Perfect Shot, not About Your Camera Dying

You never know when you may need to pull out your camcorder, so the last thing on your mind should be if your camera has enough battery to do its job. The Mini Black Box Wide Angle Camera features an impressive ten hours of battery life while continuously recording, as well as 120 days of standby function. With the Mini Black Box Wide Angle Camera, you know that no matter the time of day or night you may need it, you can record high definition footage for as long as you need to.

Compatible with up to a 64GB Micro SD Card (not included)

The Mini Black Box Wide Angle Camera is capable of holding up to a 64GB micro SD card, equivalent to about 64 hours of recording. This enhanced capacity gives you plenty of recording time and footage before you need to store or delete older recordings.

7-day circular schedule recording
7-day circular schedule recording
Vibration triggering with 90+ days standby
Even little movement will trigger recording, helps you secure your car and home day and night.
Motion sensing
Helps to save memory and easy to know when incidents happen.
Good low light vision
Very clear and sensitive low light vision. Sensor sensitivity is 1.3V/lux-sec.
Multi auto-start modes
Connecting to the 5V DC Adapter or Car Adapter, unit can be configured for: Car-activate Recording Car-stop Recording Car-activate and Car-stop Recording
Non-overlapping 64 hours video
1GB memory can record up to 1 hour video. Records more than 64 hours video by using 64GB micro SD. Helps you safeguard your valuables.
10 hours Continuous Recording
Powered by batteries, you can readily record 10 hours on-the-GO video, long enough under most situations.
Circular Recording
Loop back recording once memory card is full. Always keep the most recent scenes.
Gap-lessly Split Video
Select to save video in 10 / 15 / 20 minute interval, easy upload to video websites. Split video without losing any information in between.
Choose to display or not display the timestamp on video, precisely tag the recording time.
Selectable Resolution
Select between HD 720p (1280x720) and 360p (640x360) to suit your need. HD 720p provides better quality while 360p provides longer recording time.
Day/Night Mode
Set to "Day mode" if the environment always has adequate lighting. Set to "Night mode" if not. Set to "Auto" if the lighting condition will change.
Optional Flip Vertical Recording
Set to "Enable" if unit will be put up-side-down.
Optional Mute Recording
Set to "Disable" if not to record voice.
Voice-Trigger Recording
Record only when voice is detected. Save memory and easy to locate incidents.

Storage temperature 0 to 45degC (32 to 113degF)
Operating temperature 0 to 45degC (32 to 113degF)
Size 10.2 x 4.3 x 1.9 cm
Battery 1200mAh 3.7V Li-ion battery
5V Adapter 5V, 600mA DC adapter with mini USB out
Current consumption 100mA
Recording time max 10 hours (with fully charged battery)
Standby time max 90 days (in vibration triggering power saving mode with fully charged battery)
Sensor resolution 1280 x 960
Sensor sensitivity 1.3V/lux-sec
Sensor viewing angle 160deg
Microphone speech grade
Memory card supported max 64GB microSD card (TF)
Memory usage 15 minute/GB (high frame rate)
1 hour/GB (low frame rate)
Video recording resolution HD 720p (1280x720) or 360p (640x360)
Video compression JPEG
Voice recording 12kSps, 8bit
Voice compression PCM
File format AVI
USB Mass storage device
OS supported Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 / 8, Mac OS X

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