Diversion Safe English Dictionary Book Security Lock Box

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Large Size English Dictionary Book Security Cash Lock Box - Locker and Key

With an emphasis on hard to find, this dictionary opens into a stainless steel safety box to your valuable items. It can neatly blend into home or office bookcases to mix among other books. You can put your valuable gadgets in it to avoid someone unexpected peeping into or stealing of your treasures. Thieves won’t even look at it due to its dictionary appearance. Your parents will ignore it which allows you to keep some secret diaries in it.

Two keys are included for this small “bank”. Its stainless steel design makes it only accept to be unlocked with the keys. This product is ideal for any household to help keep irreplaceable photos safe, or items of jewelry that may be of sentimental value and not just of high value It is constructed with high quality metal and finished in a yellowish color. . It is the safest place available!

1. Safe and hard to find
2. Large size
3. 2 keys protection

Manufacturer Specifications:
Dimension: 26.5(L)x19.7(W)x6.5(H)cm
Color: Red, Brown, Blue, Black, Green

Package List:
1 X Large Size English Dictionary