Complete Professional Surveillance Kit

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The Surveillance Kit features Four solutions all of which have the advanced features needed for performing professional surveillance assignments.
Capturing Audio or Video evidence for professional purposes requires purpose-built solutions, every tool inside the Surveillance kit is a tried and trusted solution.
Four Solutions for Professional Surveillance Assignments
PROCAM-U720-OTG – Body Worn Discreet Video Recorder
K-USB-OTG – Covert USB Audio Recorder with Sound Activation
CAM-VOX 72-I – 1080P High Performance DVR with Motion Detection
BLACK VOX INTERNAL – 8GB Magnetic Tactical Audio Recorder
(1) PROCAM-U720-OTG – Body Worn Discreet Video Recorder:
The body worn Portable Video Recorder is an ultra-discreet 720p Video recording solution ideal for close encounter recording.
Operatives can attach the device to any pocket or shirt and capture HD Video and crystal-clear audio for upto 60 minutes on a single charge.
The PROCAM-U720-OTG DVR can also be used to capture video using the motion detection function.
PROCAM-U720 has a rotating lens, allowing users to position the lens upto 90 degrees.
This device includes a 128GB Class 10 SD Card, users can offload footage through any PC/MAC or use the included OTG adapter to connect and review footage through any iPhone/Android device.
Featuring two modes of operation, Motion detection and Continuous, users can also adjust settings using the onboard software, Time & Date stamping, and motion trigger settings.
(2) K-USB-OTG – Covert USB Audio Recorder with Sound Activation:
The Covert USB Audio recorder K-USB-OTG is a premium audio recorder built inside a USB Storage drive with 8GB onboard storage, enough storage for upto 288 hours of audio files.
Set the device to record continuously or sound activation, record continuously for upto 24 hours or capture sound activated audio whilst in sound activation mode, with a standby battery of upto 25 days.
Capture crystal clear audio upto 40 ft away, adjust the sensitivity of the Microphone using the onboard mic sensitivity settings.
PC/MAC compatible, users can adjust settings on the device once plugged into a PC/MAC, Time and Date Stamping can only be configured through a Windows Operating system.
Easily switch between sound activation or continuous recording using the discreet activation switch built onto the back of the device.
The tiny form factor of this device ensures users can discreetly record audio, the premium microphone allows users to record whilst inside a jacket pocket or concealed in a bag.
With a standby battery of upto 25 days, the K-USB can be used to record in sound activation mode over fairly long periods.
Offload audio files on any PC/MAC, users can also connect the OTG adapter and listen, download and share files through any iPhone or Android device.
(3) CAM-VOX 72-I – 1080P High Performance DVR with Motion Detection:
CAM VOX 72-i is an industry leading portable security video recorder which can be positioned easily or used for handheld discreet surveillance.
CV72-i is packed with advanced features, the 1080P HD Video can record with or without sound, the lens has flip detection and can self-adjust to the correct viewing position, automatically.
The advanced motion sensor onboard the CV72-i detects motion through glass, ideal for surveillance aiming outside windows, detect motion through glass, detection distance between 4-7 metres.
Battery performance on video recorders can always pose issues for surveillance assignments, CV72-i can record continuously for upto 9 hours on a single charge, the device can sit in standby mode for upto 25 days.
Users can offload footage using the connection cable using any PC/MAC, in addition users can connect to any iPhone/Android device using the OTG adapter included.
CV72-I also has local WIFI connectivity allowing users to view the devices point of view live or review the captured footage stored on the device. The Local P2P viewing mode is accessible locally, within 10 metres of the device. An ideal solution for preparing a device and ensuing the Field of view is correctly positioned.
Configuring the CV-72-i can be achieved on both a PC/MAC, users can download the software.
Connect the device and configure a wide range of settings including trigger sensitivity, time & date stamp and video recording with or without audio.
Ideal for day or night recording the CV-72-i performs exceptionally well in low light conditions.
(4) BLACK VOX INTERNAL – 8GB Magnetic Tactical Audio Recorder:
Black Vox Audio solutions are a widely used professional audio recording tool used by Law Enforcement and Investigative agencies.
The goto tool for tactical audio recording, the Black Vox Internal is ideal for tactical audio recording assignments, every part of the devices design is built with Investigative needs at the forefront of design.
Zero training required with the Black Vox Internal, a one button device ON/OFF, activate in seconds, deploy anywhere using the magnetic mounts built onto the device, capture audio upto 40 feet away.
Black Vox Internal can sit in a state of sound activation for upto 160 days and record for 160 hours continuously.
One mode of operation, sound activated mode only, recording only when sound is detected, easily adjust the premium mic sensitivity settings using the onboard configuration tool.
8GB built in storage, record upto 288 hours of audio files, Time & Date Stamping and Auto level Control (ALC)
Tested in a variety of environments including moving vehicles, Black Vox Internal has been used by over 37 Law Enforcement agencies nationwide since it was introduced in the US.
Made in the UK