Animal Netgun Air Powered Shooting Netgun

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The air charged shooting net gun is a state of the art durable, reliable safe piece of equipment/tool, utilizing air as the driving power, many of our customers are animal control and rescue agencies, police, security guards and private professionals.
Our unit fires a 52-square foot nylon net using compressed air, capable of subduing someone from almost 50 feet away, the net is reusable, provided it isn't torn apart by your quarry.

Operates without expendable parts, reusable catching net, can be reinstalled easily.
Net is made by strong & durable high intensity polythene fiber.
Uses a general 16 gram unthreaded CO2 compressed gas bottle (sold seperately) for launch power, it can be reloaded & refilled easily and quickly.
Large capture area, effective range up to 16M.
Long capture distance with net flying speed over 10 meters or 15 feet per second.
Effective catch distance 40-50 feet (around 13-16M).
Suitable applications:
Capture of animals, stray dogs, bring canines under control.
Birds, allows long reach capture of moving prey.
Unarmed or non-lethally armed suspects, criminals, bail jumpers, psychotics etc.
Capture feral animals.
Capture wildlife humanely.
Long range capture of timid or skittish type animals.
Humane containment of one or more animals.

Shooting nets also became popular after airing on a few TV shows such as the MTV Rob and Big show, Net-Guns are for self defense and safe animal capture, they are not intended for recreation and should not be used on friends or non-threatening humans.
Shooting nets shoot out nets at up to 15ft per second and can cause injury, an eye or worse, if using for fun, wear goggles and be safe!
C02 (16g)cartridges can be purchased at most sporting good or paintball supply stores.
1 Shooting Net-Gun
4 Net Gun Heads
1 Hard Case
1 Nylon Shoulder Strap
1 User Manual

* Delivery time varies on quantity on hand.
* Additional net-heads available.
* Additional nets available,(6'mesh)human,(3'mesh animal.
*For quantity, manuals or more info give us a call.