Trackstick Super GPS Logger

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Many parents are concerned about their teenagers where abouts and decisions in these dangerous times, you cant always be there, but it's your duty to do the best you can to keep your child safe.
This unobtrusive GPS tracker can assist, you can help to protect your child by finding out for yourself where they go.
The TrackStick will tell you the truth. Tuck it away on your teenager's vehicle, then retrieve it and plug it into your computer to find out exactly where they drove, how and when.
Use to track employee driveing habits, times and speed of their daily routes, many other uses and no monthly fees. This state of the art GPS device is accurate to within eight feet. Runs on two AAA batteries.
4 1/2 X 1 1/4 X 3/4.
2.5 meter horizontal accuracy.
Integrated USB 2.0 connector.
Weatherproof case, detachable magnetic mount and belt clip.
Integrated directly into Google Earth for worldwide use.
4Mb ash memory records months of location histories.
Vibration detector for longer battery life.
Built in temperature recorder.
-10C (14F) to 60C (140F).
Runs on two (2) AAA batteries.
Requires Windows computer with USB1.1/2.0 port

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