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Our Digital Clock Spycam looks like a regular digital clock is actually recording every movement! It's totally convert and almost impossible to detect this hidden camera disguised as a regular looking. The spycam features Motion detection recording that begins the second when a motion is detected and you will never have to fast forward through hours of boring footage looking for the footage you need. That's how it operates. All our HD video (720 x 480 pixel) SD card with built-in DVR spy cameras from work the same way. High resolution CCD color video is recorded by detecting motion, or movement. Then the video transfer and saved to a SD card.

To start recording - Plug in the Power and That's It! No beeps, sound or lights!

To play back - Take out the Micro SD Card and connect to your computer or directly connect to TV with your RCA cable

Camera Features:
•Totally Covert - Never would think that is a hidden camera!
•Save Wires - Use the same power cord with the speaker, No extra wire needed.
•High Resolution - SONY CCD color camera delivers crystal clear images
•Scheduled Recording - Recording starts at a specific time of your choice
•Motion-Activated Recording - Only records when a motion is detected
•Motion Detection - Adjustable Sensitivity
•SD Card - Removable, compatible with standard SD Card which allows you to record and store days of recording
•IR remote - User friendly on screen menu can be easily accessed
•RCA cable - allows to connect with any monitor or TV to view footage
•D1 high resolution
•720 x 480 / 320 x 240 video recording
•Frame Rate: 30FPS
•150 grids for motion-detection sensitivity
•Multiple schedule recording options
•AV out and removable SD card
•IR remote control
•Operating temperature: 0 ~ 50

Alarm Features:
The Sony AM/FM Clock Radio is a budget-friendly way to wake up on time each and every day. This compact clock radio features an analog AM/FM tuner, dual alarms, built-in calendar, and battery backup. Extendable snooze, automatic time set, and automatic daylight savings time functions all add to the value.
•AM/FM Tuner - Scan the dial and find your favorite stations with the AM/FM analog tuner
•Dual Alarms - Set two separate wake-up times with individual wake-up settings
•Green LED - The 0.9 inch green LED is easily viewable under a variety of lighting conditions
•Built-In Calendar - The ICF-C318 doubles as a calendar - view the date and year on the clock radio
•Battery Back-Up - In the case of a power interruption, the built-in lithium battery maintains the correct time so when the power returns you don't have to re-set

•Digital Clock Style SD Card DVR Hidden Camera
•Remote Control
•1 x 4GB SD Card
•RCA Video Cable