Highly Sensitive Spy Ear Voice Monitor Audio Wall Detection

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This is what the professionals use on covert spying ops, easily listen in on any conversation, even a whisper!

Super sensitive spy listening device. Easily record crystal clear audio on any recording device, conversations going on next door even a whisper and you got it! Composed of metal receiver and high penetration detecting metal receiver and high-quality earphone, bringing out the best bugging effects. Built in Lithium battery. Unique FM transmitting function. Highly portable and easy to operate. Essential equipment to collect evidence. This next-door wiretap signal can penetrate concrete walls, wood walls, iron walls, glass or air bricks, can be used for doors and windows, wall plates, and so on audio bugging.

F999B is a high-sensitivity next-door spy listening device.
Composed of metal receiver and high penatrating detecting metal receiver and high-quality earphone, bringing out the
Best bugging effects
Unique FM transmitting function
Highly portable and easy to operate
Essential equipment to collect evidence

Battery: 3.7V lithium battery
Current Consumption: 10mA
Four-band Frequency: A (200Hz), B(800Hz), C(1200Hz), D (probe bugging)
Probe Sensitivity: -70db
Maximum Audio Magnification: 20, 000 times
Listening Ways: Earphone, records, wireless FM transmitting
Penetrability: Cement wall, steel wall, wooden wall, iron wall, glass, and brick

Put the earplug into headphone hole, the sonde into the MIC hole, and clockwise rotate the "switch on/off" button of the volume. When the indicator light of the power works, booth the machine and adjust the volume, smoothly stick the sonde to wall that needs to be monitored, adjust the gear-choice buttons A B C until you can clearly hear the sound from the room.

If you need to do the sound recording, you can use recording equipment to go through the mouth of the recoding to connect the audio cable for recording. Also, F-999B has another special FM wireless emission function, with specialized FM receiver which can receive the information afar and monitor that.

The indicator light works when it is charging please shutdown in case of damaging the machine. It needs to charge for about five hours. The sonde must smoothly stick to the wall`s surface; never move the sonde when you are sticking it to the wall in case of damaging the sonde. The effect of the monitoring depends on the thickness, materials and other features of the wall. Appropriately adjust the gear-choice button until you can get the best effect of monitoring. D is the partition monitoring bougie of the sonde is the refined part which should not be dismantled or touched discretionarily.

Package Includes:
1* Main Unit
1* Charger
1* Detector
1* Probe
1* Earphone
1* Antenna
1* User Manual

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