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Surveillance Eagle V4 FM Mini Spy Bug Transmittter

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Part Number:SN-PV4
This is the real professional transmitter, and its design totally differs from other transmitter/receiver sets which may look alike. Unlike them, it has an incredibly long range, (as permitted by FCC rules) its special design is the most stable and powerful you can find. Designed by professional American and Israeli Electronics Engineers.

This professional transmitter, yet very simple to use , will transmit the quietest sounds to a home receiver with crystal clear results. Any FM receiver is suitable as: Standard Home FM receiver, Car radio, Walkman, Hi-Fi, Portable radio or our VHF model receiver. You can easily tune it with the tool provided using the high quality Ceramic Trimmer to any station, in and out the commercial range. It uses modern SMT technology. All the components are Military Specs, the best and most precise on the market. It's a piece of art design.

*Working Voltage: 9V Alkaline battery *Board Dimension: ONLY 0.5" X 0.8" (1.4X2cm) ! *Transmitter's frequency range: 88-108MHz *Long transmitting range: Up to 3000f?? - 1000m?? (The maximum range obeying FCC rules - please read the notice below) * 30% less current than any similar device - due to new components. * SMD built, for more stability and range (MIL SPECS 1% accuracy) * 3 Stages buffered output ! * True FM - The only one Varicap controlled for power and stability. * Using a patent pending material for encapsulating, for safety and security !!! * The device is coated with special Anti-static material. * Penetrates through walls and ceilings. * Its tiny electret microphone is so sensitive that you pick up a whisper from about 30 feet radius , crystal clear. You won't miss a word. USA made by Motorola high amplification microphone. * The transmitter draws about 9 mA, and the transmitting time on a 9V battery (alkaline), will depend on the freshness and brand. * User manual is included. * Adjusting tool included The transmitter comes FULLY ASSEMBLED AND READY TO USE, Just connect it to a 9V Alkaline battery and start listening. NOTICE:
Please note that transmitting distance vary due to different factors. The results you obtain depend very much on the sensitivity of the receiving FM radio, aerial of the receiver, buildings and other obstructions between the transmitter and receiver, the height of installation, atmospheric conditions and other nearby radio station transmissions.

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