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Shock Briefcase Anti-Loss Briefcase With Alarm & Remote

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Special order item designed for agents, business professionals, PI's, cash carriers, jewelers, medical supply carriers etc. 

1 It has the function of a loss-proof, steal proof and robbery proof durable suitcase, widely used for caring and storing cash, confidential documents and valuables.
2 It emits a high-voltage electric pulse shock from all direction of the suitcase, the high-voltage pulse output power voltage exceeds 100KV.
3 It has the function of remote control. You can turn on or off the switch at random by remote control. Users can choose the most effective and safe function for defense when one falls into a dangerous or urgent situation.

Technical Specifications:
Anti-loss (loss proof) effect distance 3 to 15M
Anti-robbing (robbery-proof) longest effective distance: 50m
Electric shock high voltage pulse power supply>30KV
Alarm sound level: 120db
Power supply:
Transmitting remote box: 1 type 23A/27A battery with 12V voltage charger.
Alarm electric shock device: rechargeable batteries.
Case Body: The body is a special code file-case, covered with PVC and leather, equipped with double coded locks.

Packing list
Suitcase Body: 1 piece
Alarm electric shock box: 1piece (Built in suitcase)
Remote Controller: 1 piece
Operation manual: 1set

Loss proof function: if the distance between you and suitcase over 3-15m, alarm will ring automatically to remind you
Loss proof, is a unique special function of this safety suitcase. When traveling, In order to avoid the suitcase being stolen or forgotten, you can set this suitcase in loss-proof mode, bring the remote controller with you. Once you are far from this suitcase exceeding the distance of 3-15m, alarm will ring automatically to remind you. In case you find the case was stolen, set robbery proof function to force the thief to leave it.
Steal proof function: On this mode, both the sound alarm and whole surface high-voltage pulse electric shock will simultaneously effect
When you need to go far from your suitcase, you should set it on steal proof mode, bring the remote controller with you, In case the robber or thief touches any place of the suitcase, alarm will ring and electric shock will effective.
Robbery proof function: Remote control distance exceeds 50m.
Anti Robbery mode, if being robbed, both the functions of sound alarm and whole surface high-voltage pulse electric shock will become effective at the same time.

The volume exceeds 85db and electric shock power voltage exceeds 100KV.

If you are threatened by a robber, give it up first, once there is distance between you and the robber, within 50m, you can set to anti robbery mode with the remote control. Alarm will ring and high-voltage electric shock will take effect, which will force the robber to drop the case. This function will protect the safety of you and your articles. 

Specialty Item:
 *Allow 7-14 days delivery on this item.

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