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Multi Function Taser Device Fast Load Multi Purpose Cartridges

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Multi Function Taser Device, Non Lethal Weapon, Better Than TASER..! Rechargeable & Multi Load Options! For Police, Professional Security Agents, Military Personnel.

Fast loading anti-violence electric pulse shock device.

Also can be used as Stun Gun when not loaded.
Its unique design gives you the flexibility to use different cartridges depending on your needs.

This is a non-lethal device, it can be used legally in many areas. It is designed to be easily carried and operated, with a two color system for every module and special color combination for custom applications.

1. Stun Probe Cartridges: Fires two probes up to a distance of 3.5 meters. The probes transmit pulsed energy that temporarily over rides the central nervous system of the target causing immediate incapacitation with 30K volts.
2. Pepper Powder Cartridges: Pepper powder sprays up to a distance of 3-5 meters. Pepper powder causes the mucous membranes in most people to swell, making breathing difficult. It also swells the veins in the eyes, producing tears and forcing the eyes to close and will take out one or several subjects with one shot.
3. Rubber Bullet Cartridges - Bullets fire approximately 20-30 meters. Used by law enforcement and the military for crowd control, will stop someone running away from you.
4. Paint bullet Cartridges: (optional) - Bullets fire approximately 20-30 meters. Used by law enforcement and military for crowd control.
5. Electric Wand Attachment: (optional) - a 50cm metal rod attachment that becomes electrically charged. Used by law enforcement and military for crowd control.
6. Powerful Xenon Light: integrated 1800cd ultra xenon light with a 30 meter range.
7. Built in Security Mechanism: insert hand ring band around wrist to prevent the device from being seized by the attacker. If the attacker gets it, it will shut down, making the attacker unable to use against you!
Rechargeable Ni-MH, 7.2VDC, 1500mA
Up to 2cm clothing to Up to 3.5cm clothing
High impact carbon composites
450g ( without Cartridge)
*(DC) has 33KV DC current output, much safe to human body. *(AC) has 50KV AC current output, more powerful for incapacitating (especially to the target who is dressing a thick clothes)
9-Function *Probe Cartridge:
Fire out two probes up to distance at 3.5 to 6M, which transmits DC pulse energy to incapacitate the subject immediately.
*Pepper powder Cartridge:
Effective range of approx. 3 to 5M where the object is to render the subjects into tear dropping, failure to open eyes and coughing.
*Pepper bullet Cartridge:
For longer effective range of approx. 12-15M.
*Rubber bullet Cartridge: Effective range up to 12-15M, especially used for law enforcement in riot control.
*Paint bullet Cartridge:
Effective range up to 12-15M used for marking particular targets in the crowd.
*SOS signal bullet Cartridge:
Fire to sky for SOS, effective range up to 100M high.
*Drive-stun function: High DC voltage (33KV) or AC voltage (50KV) to drive stun.
*Powerful LED, working range up to 100m, for illumination, and target aiming.

Package Contents: (1). Stun gun (2). Probe cartridge (3.5M)x 2 (3). Pepper powder/bullet cartridge x 2 (4). Rubber bullet cartridge x 1 (5). Charger (6). Safety plug-pin with wrist strap (7). Belt holster (8). Belt bag (for 2 backup cartridges) (9). Package carrying bag (10).Operation manual and training/practice target

Please contact our office for bulk replacemant orders, or specific questions on replacemant cartridges & parts.

Allow 7-10 days for delivery. 
Comes with Free Carrying Case!


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