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T3 Tactical Multi-shot Airsoft C02 Tonfa Baton

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One of the best cost effective high performance non-lethal weapons on the market today. Invaluable tool suitable for border, community, prison, property patrol, anti-riot control, intimidation to unruly mobs of people or simply for personal self-defense in a critical situation.. with martial arts training this could be lethal. An effective weapon to integrate Tonfa with air soft gun in one device.

Constructed of reinforced aluminum alloy with fiberglass housing for extreme durability.The versatility and dexterity of holding the Tonfa in so many ways makes it one of the top 18 Chinese weapons. Powered by co2 gas to fire non-lethal balls with velocity up to 355FPS (110m/s). The user can fire various types of balls to meet different purpose or just make huge sound
to intimidate target if no ball is installed on magazine.

1. Sturdy buildup made of aluminum alloy, 
    stainless steel and carbon fiberglass. 

2. Corrosion free to hazardous chemical 
    substance and easy to store.

3. 1.1kg light weight with ergonomic design, 
    easy to carry and operate.

4. Withstand high speed impact and more 
    than 100Kg loading weight

5. Suitable for user to slash, punch, pierce,
    swing, strike and spare in offense or

6. Heavy duty baton combines with 0.68” 
    airsoft gun function.

7. 7 rounds magazine can load up various 
    types of BB.

8. Support Pepper ball, Rubber ball,
    Training ball and Bloody Red ball.

9. Effective BB range for semi-auto shooting
    is 25 meters.

10. Support muzzle velocity speed up to 355 
    fps (110 meter/second)

11. 12g CO2 gas bottle can support 14 times of shooting.

12. 1913 Pica-tinny Rail Mount to combine with auxiliary devices.

Standard Package Includes:
1. T3 Main unit
2. Rubber ball *10
    Paint ball (non-washable) *10
    Training ball *10
    Pepper ball *10
3. Carry bag
4. Waist strap

For additional T3-BB supplies contact our sales office for pricing, this is a special order item and subject to verification check.
Delivery time may vary from 7-14 days depending on if there is a pending order list. 

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