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Highly Sensative Listen Through Walls Device - 2nd Generation

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So how does it work? Simply.. Turn on the listening device, put earphones into your ears and then place the device on the wall and you just listen to talking of anyone. This listening device works on the base of the increase of sound vibrations. When people talk in the room, their voices are at a certain waveband, and depending on how loud they talk and depending on wave for short or long distances, this waveband is captured and amplified by this device.  The sensor captures the vibrations of the walls, ceiling and floor and amplifies them, so you can listen to what they talk about. If the waveband is low, that means people talking quieter, then you can use the volume control, which is located on the back side of the device to adjust the volume and increase the sensors amplification. That makes the spy listening more funny and productive.

Inspector Gadget listening device is highly sensitive spy device and should be used with high precaution.

Specification of Listen through walls device - 2nd generation
Main function: Spy listening bug
Colours: Silver
- 3.5mm Jack for earphones
- USB connector
- Sensor
- ON/OFF button
Power: Built-in Lithium battery
Diameters: Lenght:43 x Width:36 (mm)

It works good on wooden walls, cement walls, doors, windows, metal plates. Highly sensitive, set the sensitivity slowly to avoid damage of hearing.

Package contains:
Spy listening device
USB Cable
Power (110-220V)

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